India is the hub of economic activity. And Real Estate is of the main sectors driving the economy forward. Providing efficient residential and commercial solutions to India’s millions is not everybody’s cup of tea. It takes specialists to understand the needs of the target audience, who come from varied strata of society, and to deliver them what they desire. Hence, at the helm of Garodia Group are not just experts but enthusiasts who wish to make a positive difference to multiple lives by offering affordable, environment- friendly and quality living spaces. So much so, that they become the hallmark of our patrons’ lives.

The Garodia Group is an amalgamation of our parent companies - Abhini Developers Pvt. Ltd. and Shri Sati Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. Both these entities boast of qualified individuals occupying every position with the sole aim of delivering excellence in real estate.

Every member of the Team Garodia has been specifically picked from a bouquet of talented professionals so that our end product remains unmatched. Keeping customer satisfaction as the primary goal, we aim to create not just buildings but landmarks that become benchmark for all to follow.